After Hours - Black Pearl

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Album: After Hours

Artist: Black Pearl

Release: 2005

Medium: CD

  1. Loneliness
  2. Since you`ve been gone
  3. White Wine Blues
  4. Slow Down Babe
  5. Prisoner
  6. One minute Blues
  7. Something going on
  8. Beginning of the end
  9. I wanna grow old with you
  10. Since you`ve been gone (Quintett)


Freda Goodlett: Vocals
Peter Schneider: Accoustic Guitar and Harmonica
Titus Vollmer: Acousic Guitar and Dobro Slide Guitar
Tony Lakatos: Tenor Saxophone
Paolo Cardoso: Upright Bass

In the year 1992 "The Peter Schneider Bluesband" made their debut recording in Sebastian Thorer`s Village recording studio outside of Munich. Schneider was in the studio for weeks and had guests for the recording. Hammond vituoso Reese Wynans from the Stevie Ray Vaughan Band, the great europen tenor star Tony Lakotos, American singer Freeda Goodlett and many more. In the late hours after the regular recording, Schneider, Goodlett and slide virtuoso Titus Vollmer started to jam in the studio and Thorer recorded it. The stuff was fantastic. On the next jam they added Lakatos on saxophone and Brazilian bassist Paulo Cardoso. The session stayed in the United Sounds vaults, till it saw the light 13 years later, thanks to Mr. Florian Fischer, who produced it as a limited edition CD!

Als im Jahr 1992 die Peter Schneider Blues Band ihr Debut Album “Got To Move On” aufnahm, kam es nach der regulären Studioarbeit zu einer Session mit der amerikanischen Sängerin Black Pearl aka Freda Goodlett, dem Europäischen Tenorsaxophon Star Tony Lakatos , dem Slide Gitarren Virtuosen Titus Vollmer und Peter Schneider.

Die beiden letzteren bedienen hier ausschließlich Akustik–Gitarren. Stücke wie „Grow old with you“ und „Slow Down Baby“ sind direkt bei der Aufnahme entstanden, ohne zweite Takes. Freda Goodlett lebt auf diesen Aufnahmen den Blues.